Poka yoke

Exact ION ION and Angle Exact ION 

with lithium-ion technology + Wireless OK Signal

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Better than ever before

With Bosch Premium lithium-ion technology and Wrieless Charging

The handy Bosch cordless shut-off screwdrivers in the EXACT range are now more powerful and efficient than ever before.


Enabling the highest repeatability, they are especially suitable for driving rows of screws and completing assembly applications with maximum performance whilst meeting  very high quality demands. Thanks to Bosch lithium-ion battery technology, they deliver maximum power for high torques and speeds. They are also extremely resilient with minimal energy loss, so they additionally reduce your costs with their superior lifetime. Their low weight of only 1.3 kg (EXACT ION) also ensures impressively comfortable working in shift operations.

WOrLd’S fIrST: Wireless Charging

Always power ready

▶ Just put the cordless tool down and the battery will charge.

▶ Your tool is always ready to use with only one battery.

▶ You save time and the extra costs for a second battery to alternate with.

▶ The worldwide unique Bosch Wireless Charging System consists of the      charging station and a special battery.

Multi - Stage Programing

Adjustable to your individual application

Greater Comfort:

• NEW! New ergonomic design and lower weight for even more comfortable working

Greater process reliability:

• Precision shut-off clutch with Cmk > 1.67 (at a tolerance of ± 10% in accordance with ISO 5393)

• NEW! Multi-stage screwdriving process, adjustable to your individual application via USB interface


Greater efficiency:

• NEW! Bosch Premium lithium-ion technology for long lifetime and runtime

• NEW! Brushless (EC) motor for 30% more efficiency (compared to conventional DC motors) and extremely long lifetime

▶ Patented new interface, to prevent mix-ups

▶ Temperature monitoring and overload protection, for extremely long lifetime

▶ Double locking, to prevent falling out

▶ Charge level indicator, to identify the charging state

▶ Bosch high-performance battery cells, with low energy loss, for the highest speeds and torques

▶ Integrated cooling, for extremely long lifetime

Wireless Receiver Choices for your application


with lithium-ion technology +Wireless OK SIGNAL


with lithium-ion technology +Wireless OK SIGNAL


with lithium-ion technology +Wireless OK SIGNAL