QBE Expert Controller is the premier Multi-Spindle Controller


> Large Touchscreen, Color Display and Keypad

> Quick Set-up from the Controller Keypad, or with a PC,tablet. or smart phone

> Alpha Toolbox, STANLEY's web-based software for programming,collecting data and performing diagnostics

> Less training, less inventory and spare parts: STANLEY offers the same Controller

platform for Cordless B-Series Battery Tools as well as Corded Handheld and Fixtured EB-Series,E-Series and EA-Series Tools


One Network Connection for Multiple Spindles

> Operates as a Standalone Controller or as the Lead Controller of a

multiple (fixtured) system

> Manages up to 24 trailing spindles (Advanced or Nodes) or Cordless Tools

A maximum of 15 Cordless Connections are supported

> An 802.11 b/g/n wireless access point for BrSeries Cordless Tools to connect

as trailing spindles

> Stores Trace Data for 30,000 Fastening Cycles—for Corded Tools

> 255 jobs, 99 tasks, 12 steps including smart steps and all advanced strategies

> Includes a USB port, a plant network Ethernet port, a Spindle network

Ethernet port, a Serial port, and an emulated PLC function

> Embedded Modbus TCP

> Fieldbus options: Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet and Ethernet IP

> 24V DC HO, 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs, assignable

Spindles 1-24 connect 

using an isolated Ethernet

Spindle Network

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