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STANLEY : QBE Network Node Controller


QBE Network Node Controller is a Cordless Tool Controller for up to 6 B-Serien Cordless Tools


• Simplified user interface with LEDs

Alpha Toolbox, STANLEY's web-based software for programming, collecting data and performing diagnostics

•Less training, less inventory and spare parts: STANLEY offers the same Controller platform for Cordless B-Series Battery Tools as well as Corded Handheld and Fixtured EB-Series, E-Series and EA-Series Tools


• No onscreen display, Red, Green, Yellow LEDs for Limits Evaluation,

Tool Ready and Faults

• One-to-One wireless connection (802.15.4)

• Operates as an interface between the 8-Series Cordless tools and customers

Error Proofing or Data Collection system

• Up to 6 B-Series Cordless Connections (802.11 b/g/n)

• Noce controllers include an Ethernet port and a Serial port

• IEEE 802.15.4 wireless option communication to Network Node (QB0301)

• 24V DC VO, 8 Inputs / 8 Outputs, assignable

Alpha Motel Namher

Serial Ett

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